The Wild Barry Petite Sirah Pinot Noir 2017

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Red Blend

What happens when a talented winemaker mistakenly pumps a tank of the deepest, darkest Petite Sirah on top of delicate, elegant Pinot Noir? As it turns, a downright delicious California red that you simply must taste.

Our mystery winemaker – Barry, as we’ll call him – chose the ripest Petite Sirah and Pinot Noir grapes from premium Lodi (aka Wine Enthusiast’s 2015 Region of the Year) and the stellar 2017 vintage. Back at the winery, he meant to keep the two wines separate … but a fateful mishap saw him blending them together. After a single taste test, Barry knew he’d stumbled upon a magical blend and decided to treat the wine to four months’ aging in French oak barrels. We think you’ll be very glad he finished the wine …

This gorgeous Petite Sirah-Pinot Noir overflows with ripe red and black berry flavors, along with subtle, toasty spice notes. Silky-smooth and wildly satisfying, it makes a tasty match for hearty beef or pasta dishes.

The Wild Barry is one mistake the winemaker intends to repeat – with even more delicious results each time. Order now and be among the first to taste this luscious red.