Sentiero dei Pini Pinot Grigio Rosato 2017

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Pinot Grigio

The world has gone crazy for the pure flavors and thrilling refreshment of Pinot Grigio. And here in the U.S., we’re currently undergoing a rosé revolution, with wine lovers consuming more and more of the pink stuff every year.

Well, this fresh release from northern Italian star Giuseppe Secchi gives you the best of both worlds: a mouthwatering Pinot Grigio (actually a pink-skinned grape) wrapped up in a beautiful, pale pink hue.

Northern Italy’s Veneto region is the grape’s original heartland, and still the source of the most refreshing, breezy-delicious Pinot Grigio on the planet – as you’ll taste here. Sentiero dei Pini is named after a spectacular and precious vineyard. This iconic, cone-shaped site was once home to an ancient Roman temple, approached via a spiraling path lined with pine trees (sentiero dei pini means ‘trail of the pines’). The site also provided the perfect vantage point for advancing Roman legions, as their last point of call before heading deep into the mountain terrain. Today, this special plot is occupied by Pinot Grigio vines that yield wines as fresh as an alpine stream.

In Giuseppe’s rare rosato, you’ll enjoy vibrant aromas of pear, summer berries and acacia blossom. On the palate, there are notes of juicy red cherry and tangy pomegranate, complemented by a refreshing mineral character. Sip this delightful rosé as a stylish aperitivo, or with salads, grilled fish and more.