Selección Especial Numerada 20 Reserva 2005

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La Mancha DO
Merlot Based Blend

The legendary family behind this stellar discovery is a big name in Rioja, Spain’s most important region. They’re also serious innovators, and set up a (state-of-the-art) shop in the sun-drenched plains of La Mancha years ago, where they’ve been leading a real quality revolution.

Needing to clear a little cellar space, they called our expert, Beth Willard, with a can’t-refuse offer on their 2005 Reserva – a terrific vintage across all of Spain. It’s a luxurious Merlot-Cab-Syrah blend that was aged for 15 months in French oak barrel, with a further eight-plus years spent mellowing in the bottle. And at over 10 years old, it will seriously bowl you and your guests over with its class.

We are sworn to secrecy on the bodega’s identity – they’re giving us such a deal, we had to agree not to divulge their name, so as to protect their normally premium prices. But we can tell you that their 100-plus years of expertise shines through in the glass. Look for the ripe, fruity intensity that only Spain’s sun-baked central plateau can produce, plus subtle balsamic, juniper and vanilla notes. Incredible with roast lamb or pork.

Small quantities and high demand for our Spanish reds means you’d better get your orders in quickly!

As with many fine wines of this maturity, you may notice some naturally occurring sediment. To separate it from the wine, slowly decant into a different vessel (decanter, pitcher etc.).