Petralava Etna Bianco 2015

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Etna Bianco DOC

“This is the last fine wine frontier in Europe. Etna is Italy’s answer to Burgundy.”

That’s straight from our Italian wine expert, who is positively raring to get Etna’s wines into your glass – and his latest discovery from this exciting region is a serious must-try.

It comes direct from the cellars of Antichi Vinai, the Gangemi family’s acclaimed Etna estate. Four generations (and 100 years!) of collective winemaking know-how drive this outfit and the quality is on full display in the glass.

In fact, Petralava has garnered heaps of praise from The Wine Advocate (who called it “crisp and luminous”) and Wine Enthusiast (they rated it 89 points). Plus, it’s received top honors at the competitive Douja d’Or, a national Italian wine competition. The recently released 2015 is set to continue this impressive acclaim pedigree, thanks to a fantastic harvest in Sicily – quality is through the roof. And so is demand.

Comprising hand-harvested Carricante (80%) and Cattaratto (20%) from Castiglione di Sicilia and Randazzo, Petralava was treated to bâttonage, or lees stirring, in the cellar, which imparts a smooth, creamy texture – a lovely foil against the zesty crispness of Carricante and the stone fruit flavors introduced by Cattaratto. “Lusciously ripe, peachy and round with electric freshness … It’s like lava-spice!” raved our expert.

Only so many cases to go around – you know what you need to do!