Pescadero Rock Pinot Noir 2019

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Pinot Noir

For fans of flavor-packed California reds, this delicious Pinot discovery is sure to hit the spot.

It’s from the renowned O’Neill family, who wanted to make a wine that delivered major oomph in the glass. So, they sought out perfectly ripe grapes from their prime-sited vineyards in Lodi and Clarksburg.

In warm Lodi, the grapes take on a seriously plush, ripe-fruited intensity; over in cooler Clarksburg, grapes retain extra vibrancy and showcase slightly firmer tannins. Marry these two together (and factor in the excellent 2018 vintage), and you’ve got that perfect balance between richness and freshness – and it is oh-so-drinkable.

As lovers of wonderfully aromatic Pinot like this can testify, you’ll maximize your enjoyment by spending a little time with your nose in the glass. Take in the intense, fresh raspberry, cherry, and spice aromas, then look forward to a similarly vibrant fruit character on the palate. There’s a plump, velvety texture, too.

This crowd-pleaser’s one to pour at your next dinner party. Fantastic menu pairings include meaty fish like salmon or tuna, or roasted pork, duck, and lamb. It’d also be tasty with creamy cheeses.

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