Pedroncelli Special Selection Zinfandel 2015

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Dry Creek Valley

Hot on the heels of The Golden State’s stellar 2012 and 2013 vintages, wines from equally incredible 2014 are keeping California wine fans busy, as they quickly snap up everything they can. That means finding any remaining, great-tasting values – like this incredible Zinfandel from the sought-after Pedroncelli family – is a bit difficult. But that's why it's good to have contacts on the ground!

The Pedroncelli family has been among the movers and shakers of Sonoma wine since 1927. Four generations later, their boutique operation is “an authentic slice of old-school Sonoma County,” says Wine Spectator – a family-owned estate with a rare reputation for excellent quality and value. “They grow their own grapes and, without a lot of fuss, make wine that people can afford to drink every day.”

Since Zinfandel is what they do best, you can image how excited we were to secure their Special Selection. It's made with the kind of kid-glove care you'd expect in a wine at nearly double the price – premium, estate-grown fruit that's tediously hand picked and sorted (to ensure only the most perfect grapes made it to the winery). Then, gentle oak aging gives a zesty spiciness to the ripe, rich cranberry/cherry flavors.

This limited-production gem will be a smash at your next gathering (especially if you're grilling steaks or roasting any sort of meat).