Paris Street Rosé 2017

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Dealu Mare
Pinot Noir

A must-try for fans of mouthwatering dry rosé … from somewhere you might not expect!

So Pinot Noir makes rosé too? You bet. The same noble grape behind red Burgundy also makes stylish pinks in places like Sancerre and Champagne. At high prices, of course. But in Romania you can get great quality equivalents for a lot less.

Vineyards in the Dealu Mare region thrive on the same latitude as Burgundy and the Loire Valley (the climate is very similar to both, too). With massive investment in recent years, Romania is reclaiming its place on the world wine stage, and the very modern winery behind Paris Street is leading the charge. Made by Lorena Deaconu, who is seriously passionate about quality, Paris Street is easy to appreciate for its classic aromas of cherry and strawberry, and mouthwatering summer berry flavors. With its modest alcohol, it makes for a wonderful brunch partner. Or, serve chilled on its own.

P.S. Our rosés tend to sell out quickly, so act soon.