Nuban Toro 2012

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Toro DO

Great news for lovers of rich, bold reds: the forgotten vineyards of Spain’s Toro region are enjoying a new lease on life at the hands of visionary winemakers like Raúl Acha Salazar. And now you get to taste for yourself with Raúl's latest release, Nuban. It's a shining example of what this historic wine region is now achieving (fans include top critic Robert Parker, who's given Raúl's wines scores topping 94 Points).

Local grapes, climate and very old vineyards are what make Toro unique. The local variety, Tinta de Toro, is a thick-skinned strain of Tempranillo. Since Raúl’s 80-year-old vineyards are planted at very high altitudes, the soaring daytime temperatures become dramatically colder at night, locking in deep color and aromatic complexity. And because older vines famously yield far fewer grapes, the flavors are intensified even further.

And then there's the history. The region’s vineyards date back over 2,000 years to the days of the Greek empire. Fast-forward to the 1400s and Toro reds were the wine of choice at historic Spanish universities (local lore says that Columbus brought Toro wines with him on his voyages to the New World).

Until the end of the 20th century, Toro reds were made in a dense, rustic style. But thanks to a new wave of passionate experts like Raúl, all that raw power's been transformed – and the results are unmissable. Look for deep black fruit that’s ripe and fresh, mingled with tobacco leaf and mocha from 10 months spent aging in small French barrels. Nuban's structure and grip make it the real deal for spit-roasted beef or lamb. We recommend decanting a couple of hours before serving (in big glasses, please) to let the aromas and flavors fully open up.