Manera Cortese 2016

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Piemonte DOC

Here’s a wine that’s guaranteed to make the white-wine lover in your life sit up and take notice (and probably ask for a refill).

Piedmont star Claudio Manera created this exclusive as a tribute to his region’s top white, the world-famous Gavi. Made from the same grape (Cortese) and from low-yielding vines, his Manera Collezione delivers the elegance and finesse you’d expect from a top Gavi, but for a far friendlier price.

As you’ll taste, Claudio knows just how to coax out Cortese’s hallmark orchard fruit flavors and bright, zippy acidity. Bursting with apple, white blossom and citrus, it’s exactly the kind of chic white thirsty guests will really enjoy at your next dinner party. Our tip: as Gavi was produced originally for local Ligurian seafood restaurants, serve this ice-cold with plates of fresh shellfish.

Sure to be a popular bottle – make sure you order enough.

Jonathon Alsop, Boston Wine School Founder - "The name of this white grape means courteous and kind in Italian, and that's a great way to describe its personality. The fruit is rich, the acidity is moderate - not zippy like SB - so it's great with white meats like chicken, pork, and veal."