L'Epiphanie de Margaux 2014

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Margaux AOC
Cabernet Based Blend

“The most exquisite claret of all ...”
Hugh Johnson

That’s renowned critic Hugh Johnson on the glories of Margaux. But because super-high-end Bordeaux is an elite club where the best deals are made behind closed doors, it can be a challenge to secure a great one for a good price.

L’Epiphanie is a luxury cuvèe from a Grand Cru Classè château and one of Saint Emilion’s oldest names. Alexandre de Malet Roquefort of Château Tertre Daugay has a tiny plot of ancient Merlot vines within his Grand Cru Classè estate - just seven rows - from which L’Epiphanie is made. Flanking them are the vineyards of L’Angèlus, Magdelaine and Canon La Gaffeliêre, three Saint Emilion icons. L’Epiphanie costs just a fraction of the price of any of these wines and represents incredible value for money.Aged in oak barrels, it’s immaculately smooth, dense and complex and built to last years, but offers immense enjoyment serving with fine cuisine.

But thanks to a timely phone call from his fine-wine merchant son, our expert Jean-Marc Sauboua has secured the scoop of the year – a small allocation left over from last year’s en primeur campaign from one of Margaux’s most prestigious Cru Classé château (one of only five Second Growths in the district). And in the words of legendary World Atlas of Wine author Hugh Johnson:

“There is a delicacy about archetypal Margaux, and a sweet, haunting perfume, that can make it the most exquisite claret of all.”

Silky and hauntingly seductive, L’Épiphanie de Margaux is a classic, barrel-matured release that showcases all the hallmarks of Margaux – yours to enjoy for a serious insiders-only price (if you’re quick).