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La Nuit Blanche Cabernet Blanc 2016

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Vin de France
Other White

We’re always on the lookout for exciting new wines, and this stunning Cabernet Blanc (you read that right!) seriously delivers. If you’ve yet to try this extremely rare white grape (an offspring of red king Cabernet Sauvignon), La Nuit Blanche will be your perfect introduction …

Father-son team François and Vincent Pugibet craft La Nuit Blanche at their century-old domaine in the heart of southern France. Cabernet Blanc thrives in the tiny estate’s vineyard – the only vineyard to grow Cabernet Blanc in all of France! – where warm sunshine ripens grapes to perfection and Mediterranean breezes keep flavors pure. To lock in even more freshness, François and Vincent chose to harvest at night, which also inspired the wine’s name (La Nuit Blanche means ‘The White Night’).

A pale gold color in the glass gives way to ripe melon, citrus and floral aromas. Look for the same flavors on the finely structured palate. Light and crisp, La Nuit Blanche makes a lovely aperitif (it might remind you of Sauvignon Blanc) or a fine partner for fresh seafood, salads and more.

The secret’s out! Secure your share of this rare white Cabernet before the rest of the world catches on.