Kvint XO 10 Year Old Surprise 750ml

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Aged 10 years
Eaux-de-vie, purified water, sugar

Moldova’s Secret Cognac. Made by classical production process from their own high quality Eaux-de-vie spirits aged in oak barrels. Each of these features peculiar, inimitable aromas combined with light floral and vanilla tones.

"The ten year old has a deep amber color. The nose is fragrant with a mix of flowers and a hint of chocolate. The palate is smooth and the aftertaste extremely long. The producer suggests serving it with a charcuterie palate of lean meats, olives and cheese. It is made by traditional production process from high-quality wine-distilled spirits, aged in oak barrels for at least 10 years. It was first produced by the Tiraspol Distillery KVINT in 1961. It is made from eaux-de-vie seasoned in oak barrels not less than 10 years according to traditional production standards. A fine mix of power, richness elegance and complexity." by Anthony Gismondi, Gismondi On Wine, September 17,2016

Review Online from Anthony Gismondi