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Invinobilia 2016

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Red Blend

California’s 2016 vintage is the latest in a string of stellar harvests. And your taste of this Golden Age hails from Reed Renaudin and X Winery – whose releases have left top critic Robert Parker musing: “How can these wines be this good at these prices?”

You’ll see for yourself with Invinobilia, which Reed made in tribute to the NPR program, Invisibilia. It’s a blend of lushly fruited Zinfandel and rare Rubired, a red-fleshed grape that imparts serious color and depth of flavor. It’s compelling and complex, just like the story that reallyinspired things – an intriguing account of how a glass of wine saved lives at a mellow Washington, D.C. dinner party.

Speaking of dinner … what should you pair with it?Invinobilia is so smooth and rich, it will be delicious served solo with good friends and good conversation (which you’ll never be short of, if you start tuning in to Invisibilia). But you could also match it up with hearty dishes like smoked beef ribs, meaty stews, roasted turkey feasts, or even peppery steaks. In the mood for Italian? Try sausage lasagna or baked ziti.

Jump on this one while you can – this is a limited-edition with a high sell-out risk.