Il Brutto Negroamaro Primitivo 2018

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Salento Rosso IGP
Negroamaro-based blend

Old vines mean deeper, more soulful flavors. It’s an axiom proven true in some of the most expensive wines in the world. But you don’t need to take out a loan to enjoy this kind of flavor complexity.

In southern Italy, where you get “a lot of wine for your money” (Decanter), grapes from low-yielding vines – many up to 100 years old – go for cheap. It’s almost uneconomical for the growers. And often, these heirloom vines are targeted for uprooting in favor of more lucrative endeavors.

That’s why the growers of Il Brutto jumped at the chance to work with three-time Vinitaly Winemaker of the Year Angelo Maci, so they could see the potential of their precious Negroamaro and Primitivo grapes realized. It was an enthusiasm matched by Angelo when he saw the fruit … and us, after we tasted the resulting, satin-smooth wine.

You’re in for enticing truffle and coffee aromas. The palate overflows with rich black plum and ripe cherry flavors, all leading to a long, silky finish. Superb on its own or with meaty pasta dishes.

If you love southern Italian reds, this is a wine you need to taste.