Hillersden Pinot Gris 2016

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Marlborough, New Zealand
Pinot Gris

Hillersden is a town at the north end of the South Island of New Zealand. The winery is owned by the Caleb family, who purchased it in 2008. The history of the town goes back over 150 years. That was way before Marlborough became known as a New Zealand wine haven.

The terrain of Marlborough is very similar throughout the region - except for Hillersden. Their vineyard sits on one of the highest areas in Marlborough. As a result, the sun is brighter, the temperature is cooler, and the soil is made up of rocks and desiccated sea matter. In other words, the best conditions in which grapes can grow.

For the last 30 years, Marlborough has been known as one of the best areas to grow Sauvignon Blanc in the world. But the best kept secret in the world is their Pinot Gris. We've featured many of these in the past, and they are some of the best wines we've ever tasted.

This one is no exception. Pinot Gris is grown to its heights in the Alsace region of France. But we have found Marlborough to be a very close second.

Here is Pinot Gris that is truly world-class. The wine enters with the aromas of fresh cut flowers, white peach and nectarine, yet still retains the imprint of the soil on which it was grown. The palate is rich with the same flavors and extracts, finishing with a slice of lime that would elevate any fish course.