Hacienda de Lluna Moscatel Rosado NV

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Valencia DO

If you follow wine trends, you might know that Moscato (aka Moscatel in Spain) is really big news right now. Everyone from movie stars to regular American wine lovers have made it one of THE most popular grapes in the country. Even esteemed critics love it – judges at the International Wine & Spirit Competition awarded a coveted bronze medal to the previous vintage of this lovely rosado.

Hacienda de Lluna (‘house of the moon’ in the local dialect) comes from a boutique cellar in Valencia. To achieve the vibrant pink color you see here, local winemaker Fernando Tarin added a dash of star Spanish grape Garnacha – the result bursts with ripe tropical fruit and sweet summer berry flavors. And, thanks to its refreshing spritz and modest alcohol level (only 5%),you and your guests can enjoy glass after refreshing glass.

Fernando is so excited for you to taste his 2017 release, he’s sent a small shipment for a great price. If you haven’t already, it’s time to catch Moscato mania – order now.