Goose Chase Barrel-Fermented Chardonnay 2016

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This whimsical California Chardonnay might actually be named for the geese that fly over the O’Neil family’s vineyards, but our California expert, Clare Tooley, has her own idea. “It really is hard to find the perfect Chardonnay, and I went on many a wild goose chase before discovering this lovely white,” she jokes. One taste and you’ll understand why Clare fell for its charms.

What makes Goose Chase so special? For starters, the O’Neil family crafted it with premium Chardonnay grown during the superb 2016 vintage (the fifth in a string of exceptional California harvests). Back at their state-of-the-art winery, they treated 100% of the wine to barrel fermentation. This technique is reserved for the best Chardonnays, and imparts a nutty complexity and full, creamy-smooth mouthfeel to the final wine.

You’re in for waves of vibrant, orchard-fruit flavors, supported by hints of fresh cream and peanut brittle. The palate is lusciously silky and leads to a long, clean finish. Delicious on its own, Goose Chase will really shine alongside roasted chicken or creamy vegetarian dishes.

California Chardonnay has thousands of fans among our customers, so it won’t be long before this stunning example flies the coop. Secure your share today.