Gitana Winery Autograf Feteasca Regala 2016

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Moldova, Valul Lui Traian
Feteasca Regala

Fruity, flowery, spicy.  Clearly recognizable flavors of papaya, acacia, honey and wild flowers.  Lively, fresh, with a pleasant acidity, harmonious, noble, with notes of exotic fruit flavors, mineral touches and caramel after-taste.  

Gitana is a family owned and operated winery by the Dulgher family.  Mr. and Mrs. Dulgher, together with their daughters, Lilia and Iuliana, are convinced that the most important in winemaking process is the limited human intervention, and that technologies should only be used to better preserve the natural qualities of the grapes. That is why they have refused to use artificial fermenters all along, opting instead only for natural fermenters present in the grapes. In addition, they have been using open barrel fermentation, so that the grapes are exposed during the fermentation process.