FOMO Flasks Tailgater Kit

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The FOMO Tailgater Kit contains:
- Two (2) of the 32 oz flasks
- Two (2) of the 16 oz flasks
- Two (2) of the 8 oz flasks
- One (1) funnel
- One (1) set of filling instructions

All FOMO Flasks are very easy to fill , washable, collapsible, UNDETECTABLE and BPA FREE.

Take your FOMO Flasks anywhere with your favorite beverage.

Cruise Ships, Concerts, Stadium Events, Tailgaters and Sports Fans

The FOMO Flasks are ideal for any cruise ships, concerts, stadium events and tailgates. They are nonmetallicand undetectable by metal detectors and wands allowing you to take the party into the stands or yourfavorite cruise to the islands. They sit flat in your pocket or luggage because there is no bulky glass andthey stand up like a bottle until they are empty and then they roll up and go in your pocket.


The FOMO Flasks are a great accessory for golfers. No more broken bottles when the caddy drops orknocks over your golf bag, no more waiting around for the drink cart and no more overpriced drinks.The FOMO Flasks are reusable and will not leak in your golf bag. It is easy to make ice cubes in theFOMO Flasks. When the flask is empty just rinse it out and it is ready to go again.

Hunting, Hiking and Camping

The FOMO Flasks are especially useful as a hunting and hiking accessory because as the contents areused the flask collapses. When the air in the flask is squeezed out and the cap is sealed the excessdisplacement is removed. This prevents any sloshing and noise normally associated with a water bottleor a canteen. The flask can be slipped into a pant or jacket pocket and carried with a minimum of noise.The flask can be frozen or heated as the circumstances require. When the flask is empty it is simply rolledup and put in your pocket.

For the Active Lifestyle

The FOMO Flasks are a must for the beach, pool, slopes or even jogging. They fit neatly into any pocketor bag. They are durable and nonmetallic so never fear of broken glass.


The FOMO Flasks are constructed in layers and are flat and stiff when delivered.

To make your flask expand to its full capacity:

• Fill the flask with hot tap water and then replace the cap.
• Work the flask with your hands to expand the flask.
• Refill the flask up to the full capacity of the flask with hot water and let it stand for a few minutes.
• Pour the water out of the flask and then fill the flask with your favorite beverage.


FOMO Flask’s thin construction allows the contents to freeze quickly.

To freeze the contents of the FOMO Flask:

• Fill the flask up to no more than 70% of the flasks’ full capacity; make sure the flask is fully inflated.
• Lay the flask in the freezer with the spout standing up.
• After removing the flask from the freezer, run the flask under water for a few seconds

To make ice in the FOMO Flask:

• Fill the flask up to no more than 25% of full capacity, lay the flask in the freezer with spout standing up.

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