El Bombero Gran Reserva 2012

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Carinena DO
Garnacha Based Blend

“This bodega is making some of the best-value wines in Spain … Domeque has his pick of ancient plantations of Garnacha and Tempranillo.”
– Decanter

Hands down, El Bombero is one of our most popular reds, thanks to its intense raspberry fruit flavors and seductively smooth texture. So you can imagine how excited we were when winemaker Javier Domeque unveiled his gloriously barrel-aged Gran Reserva version. The wine’s a regular champ on the international awards circuit – and this exciting 2012 took home a grand gold medal at Mundus Vini in 2018 (the second year in a row judges there were bowled over by how good it is!).

Like the original, this is 100% Spanish Garnacha from seriously old vines (some up to 90 years of age!) and delivers a punch of deep, dark, berry flavor. But thanks to three years spent mellowing in oak barrels and another three-plus years in bottle, there’s also an intriguing spicy-cocoa character that keeps you coming back for more. Guaranteed to be a hit on your dinner table – pair with hearty beef or pork roasts, lamb chops, meaty pastas, or small plates of chorizo and Manchego cheese.

It’s wines like this that demonstrate why “Cariñena is home to some of the best value reds in Spain, if not the world” (Decanter). And, why Decanterreserves particular praise for San Valero. A quick word to the wise though – those 90-year-old vines? They only produce a tiny amount of grapes, which means there’s only so much of this Gran Reserva to go around. Order yours quickly.