El Bombero 2016

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Carinena DO

Like BIG-flavored reds? You’ll love this huge customer favorite. Get ready for an ancient vine power and silky richness usually associated with regions like France’s Châteauneuf-du-Pape or Australia’s Barossa Valley – an intensity that’s seriously rare in a wine at this price.

Javier Domeque is the No. 1 winemaker in remote, rugged Cariñena, which Decanter says “is home to some of the best value reds in Spain.” This pride-and-joy gem takes its strength from Javier’s 60-year-old Garnacha vines. While painfully low-yielding and challenging to maintain, their payoff is high: each grape is a knot of ripe, intensely concentrated flavor.

You’ll enjoy enticing aromas of red berry, spice and black currant, backed by luscious, juicy mouthfuls of sun-ripe black fruit. With its warming 15% alcohol, El Bombero (‘the firefighter’ in Spanish) has the weight to match hearty beef stews and rich, meaty pastas. Or, enjoy a smooth glass on its own.

A quick word to the wise – those 60-year-old vines? They only produce a tiny amount of grapes, which means there’s only so much of El Bombero to go around. Order yours today.