Dry Creek Vineyard DCV2 Estate Zinfandel 2011

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Dry Creek Valley

This is the first vintage of single vineyard Zinfandel from the appropriately named estate DCV2 - Four Clones Vineyard. This incredible 4.4 acre property, located in front of the winery, is a throwback to a bygone era of grape growing. Planted in 2009, this traditional head-pruned Zinfandel vineyard incorporates four distinct clones – Bradford Mountain, St. Peter’s Church, Primativo and Dupratt on St. George rootstock. Hope is that this vineyard preserves the heritage and authenticity of old vine vineyards for generations to come.

This impressive wine presents an aromatic profile of blackberry, cherry and red currants that speaks to the young and vibrant nature of this new vineyard. An additional few minutes in the glass reveal a sophisticated spice box of dried flowers, pepper and baking spices. On the palate, the smooth tannins are structured and fleshy. The fruit is evident but not overpowering, with layers of flavor and nuance. This Zinfandel, grown in the traditional head-pruned style, delivers an earthy mixed berry character and subtle hints of white and black pepper. The finish lingers on with supple and harmonious integration of fruit and tannins.