Cricova Orasul Subteran Feteasca Neagra 2017

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Moldova, Valul Lui Traian
Feteasca Neagra

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This wine is produced from an indigenous variety that fully reflects the legendary nobility of Moldovan viticulture.  Spices, vanilla and black berries on the nose.  Consistent, vigorous, medium tannins. The wine is rich in taste and surpasses the complexity of the grapes, leaving it uncovered in the multitude of flavors.

Cricova is a pearl of the Moldovan wine industry that represents a unique underground city well-known all over the world by its huge labyrinths stretching over 75 miles underneath the surface, and especially by its excellent wines. Famous underground wine cellars, which include tasting rooms and private wine collections of world known dignitaries such as John Kerry (former U.S. Secretary of State), Vladimir Putin of Russia, Angela Merkel of Germany, and others, make it a popular attraction for tourists from around the world.

Review from Missa Capozzo

This wine is produced from an indigenous Moldovan grape variety. On the nose you will enjoy a variety of spices, vanilla and dark berries. On the palate, you will enjoy and savor a fruit forward character of blackberry, dark cherry, vanilla, leather, and tobacco leaves.  With moderate astringency, this wine offers velvety, supple tannins that hold up beautifully to red meat and hearty dishes.