Chubini Rkatsiteli Chinuri 2018

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Kakheti, Georgia

Chubini Wine Cellar was started by a young winemaker Tornike Chubinidze in 2015. Tornike is the face of young winemakers in Georgia. While his peers are moving to the city and taking jobs with large producers, Tornike decided to move out to the country where he built his winery and is making wine in qvevris, the traditional Georgian method. He is highlighting a Georgian characteristic which has kept Georgian cultural heritage and unique cultural identity despite numerous invasions. When there are outside forces applying pressure and dictating change, Georgians dig in, deeper into their roots to preserve their culture. In this case, quite literally, while globalization and technology is pushing for industrialization of wine, Tornike is dug into the ground to bury age-old Qvevri vessels in the ground to produce natural Georgian wines the traditional Kakhetian way.

Tornike Chubinidze worked for the top wineries in Georgia until he decided to redirect his love for wine to winemaking. Tornike practices the traditional, low intervention method of winemaking passed down from generation to generation in Georgia. Without having a formal education in wine, he has demonstrated a natural knack for grapes, and their behavior before, during and after fermentation. Since showing great promise, Tornike has been surrounded by expert winemakers who have advised and taught him along the way. Five years after his first vintage, winning numerous competitions in Europe, the Chubini wines are in high demand.