Capital Z Zinfandel 2018

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Welcome to Lodi. Known as the Zinfandel capital of California (and arguably, the world), this premium region is home to the Golden State’s oldest Zin vines and won Wine Enthusiast’s coveted Region of the Year title. Thanks to its ideal location (which delivers long, sunny days and cooling coastal breezes) and those low-yielding, ancient vines (which produce super-rich, concentrated flavors), Lodi really is theplace to grow Zin.

So it should come as no surprise that award-winning winemaker, Matt Praetzel, turned to Lodi grapes for Capital Z. He scooped the perfect parcel from one of the region’s leading growers (they gave Matt a fantastic, friends-only price, so he couldn’t reveal their name), made all the richer by Lodi’s exceptional 2018 vintage. Capital Z went on to win a gold medal from the New Orleans International Wine Awards,along with kudos from a top San Francisco show.

In the glass, look forward to layers of velvety, mouthfilling red-and-black fruit, plus subtly sweet spice notes. With its intense flavors, Capital Z makes a delicious match for equally flavorful dishes: barbecued meats, grilled veggies, hearty winter stews, and more.

If you’ve yet to discover Lodi’s bold Zins (or are ready for another taste), Capital Z will be an impeccable introduction. Secure your share today.