Burebista Feteasca Neagra Shiraz 2016

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Feteasca Neagra

Romania has a tradition for making top quality wines that goes back centuries. Today it offers great value, too. From a highly reputed cellar, this red presents Shiraz’s usual spicy exuberance with the velvet black fruit of a true Romanian original.

In a world of familiar flavors it’s a real thrill to discover something new and delicious. Feteasca Neagra (the Black Maiden) is Romania’s oldest grape variety, a sometimes dark yet always luscious beauty that works wonderfully with the reassuringly familiar spicy Shiraz. It's made by Lorena Deaconu and her team, whose credentials include supplying wine to the Royal Court of King Michael of Romania. Burebista is the latest in a line of popular wines Lorena has created exclusively for us in the UK. It comes from mountainous Muntenia in southeast Romania, most famous for gothic castles and associated folklore. With a character reminiscent of dried plums and spicy forest berries, this wine is ideal with warming casseroles or tasty sausages.

There's quite a lot happening on the nose, with black olive, earth, smoke and black fruits. Coffee and cedar flavours are joined with upfront, young and grippy tannins, giving a sense of vibrancy.