Bruale Rkatsiteli 2017

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Kakheti, Georgia
Rkatsiteli 85%, Mtsvane 15%

Made from 85% Rkatsiteli and 15% Mtsvane, producing a rich, velvety amber wine. The flavours follow the aromas of mixed exotic fruits, predominantly mango and passion fruit, as well as hints of grass, eucalyptus and minerals. It is characterised by its silky tannins, which balance out the robust structure and full body, as well as a lasting finish. Enjoy with meats and cheese. 

All the Rkatsiteli grapes were grown on Bruale's vineyards in the Kvareli microzone of the Alazani valley. The valley is blessed with fertile alluvial soil, average humidity, mild winters and long, warm summers. The altitude is around 450 metres above sea level. The Mtsvane grapes are sourced from neighbouring vineyards and monitored for quality.  

Bruale follows the traditional Georgian Kakhetian Qvevri method of winemaking. Once pressed, the grapes were fermented in clay vessels underground for 6 months in contact with the skins, seeds and stems. The wine was then transferred into another Qvevri and aged underground at the optimum temperature of 12°C

Zaza Mamulashvili