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Basilium Terre Dei Portali Aglianico Del Vulture 2016

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Basilicata IGT

Aglianico del Vulture, widely known as ‘the Barolo of the South,’ is southern Italy’s most serious wine, prized by fans for its cellar-worthiness and ripe flavors. It hails from Basilicata, the ‘instep’ of Italy’s boot, a region that’s as remote as it gets and where, for decades, Aglianico remained a local secret. But it’s now poised to be “Italy’s next big red,” according to Wine Enthusiasteditors. Last year, we were thrilled to bring you this fine selection as the perfect introduction – and we think you’ll be very happy with this new-vintage repeat performance.

Last year, after hearing that a local cellar was collaborating with the Alberto Antonini (Italy’s most famous winemaking consultant), our Italian expert knew he had to investigate. Upon arriving at the cellar, he tasted this small-batch beauty and was sold immediately. It’s made with Aglianico grown in the shadow of Monte Vulture and aged in barrels beneath the medieval village of Acerenza. And because they were offering a seriously tasty price, he took as much as he could – which was nowhere near enough!

Rich, ripe and round, with fleshy red berry notes, layered over hints of licorice and earthy-sweet oak, this is an easy to love red that’s made for enjoying with full-flavored meats, cheeses and hearty pastas. A treat for any Italian wine fan – secure yours today.