Barbuto Primitivo 2018

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Puglia IGT

Located on the heel of Italy’s ‘boot,’ “Puglia is a land of unmatched beauty,” writes The Wine Advocate’s Monica Larner. It’s also serious wine territory. Thanks to near-endless sunshine, grapes ripen to perfection and develop hugely concentrated flavors. The resulting wines offers great value or, as top critic Robert Parker calls them, “sensational bargain wines with real soul.”

The Liantonio family have produced world-class wines at their Torrevento estate since World War II. They’ve built a big reputation by specializing in time-honored traditional methods and Puglia’s native grapes. You’ll taste the proof in this gorgeous Primitivo (which you might know as Zinfandel in California).

Barbuto (‘bearded’) is named for the mysterious sculpture of the bearded man in the Castel del Monte. Legend has it that the Knights Templar worshipped the barbuto statue,hence the noble knight on the label. This Primitivo, however, is no mystery. It offers abundant black fruit, rose petal, and sweet spice aromas, followed by ripe Amarena cherry and plum flavors on the palate. Rich and velvety, it’s delicious on its own or with roasted meats or hearty pasta dishes.

This luscious Italian red is so good (and offers such good value) that you just might find yourself worshipping it too. Claim your share today.