Artizani Saperavi 2019

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Kakheti, Georgia

Artizani grew out from our passion of making natural wine. We turned our hands to low-intervention winemaking to let each bottle reflect the raw essence of the grapes and the soil it comes from. Short and sweet, we are 3 young winemakers believing in a world where the future belongs to minimal intervention wines.

Cheers to dreams, adventure & natural vino!

The word artisan has French roots and describes a person skilled in applied art. An artist who creates handcrafted goods as an expression of creativity and imagination, rejecting mass-production and industrialised methods. Our winemaking philosophy is to produce natural wines that speak of ‘terroir’ and reflect deeply inherent characteristics of the varietal’s personality.

Saperavi grapes were handpicked from vineyards of high elevation (730m) in Khashmi (Kakheti region). The grapes were gently crushed without removing the stems. To fully extract its rich phenols and flavours the must, during its 8-day fermentation on wild yeasts, was punched down daily. Fermentation temperature was maintained at
18-25C. For the sake of organoleptic balance, the wine was separated from solids on 8th day before reaching the end of primary fermentation, leaving a little residual
sugar in it. Secondary fermentation continued in a stainless-steel tank. No addition of SO2 or any other preservatives during any stage of winemaking.

Primary notes of black mulberries and eucalyptus are later dominated by crème de cassis and hint of boxwood throwing you into the forest of wild berries. This 2019 vintage features juicy and sweetly ripe berry flavours combined with a smooth and rich texture that we encouraged through skin and lees contact.