Vino truly is life, from creating memories with family and friends, to celebrating special occasions, and even to making your random Tuesday evening or next Netflix binge even more enjoyable. The old school way of selecting wine is a thing of the past. No longer do wine lovers take time out of their busy schedules to stop at their local liquor store or wine shop, stare endlessly at the shelves, and hope with blind faith that they’ve selected a decent bottle of wine at a reasonable price. No longer do wine lovers need to stick to the same wine they’ve been drinking for the past several years simply because it’s a risk-free purchase. There is a new, more exciting and convenient way to enjoy incredible wines at a fantastic price, and that is with the VINO is Life Wine Club subscription.

As a VINO is Life Wine Club member, you receive 4 bottles of small-batch, artisanal wines delivered directly to your doorstep for only $99.99. The wines included in your monthly shipment are specially curated by a staff of wine educators and experts to bring you unique, hard-to-find wines from all over the world that is sure to please the seasoned wine lovers as well as those new to the world of wine alike.

You choose your combination of half red/half white, all red, or all white. You may change this at any time to reflect your seasonal tastes. The VINO is Life Wine Club doesn’t restrict you to a single vineyard like a majority of wine clubs, but instead offers you wines from hundreds of different vineyards located all around the world, making this monthly experience a fun and unique way to allow your taste buds to travel the world without even having to leave your home.

If you fall in love with any of your selections (and we’re positive you will), you can even shop on our website and order more of your favorites! Perhaps 4 bottles a month seems like a bit much for your personal schedule, no problem! Go in with a friend and share this experience together, or perhaps include it as part of your book club or other social group. It is always a wise idea to have wine on your rack ready to serve guests, or even to give as last minute gifts.

With the VINO is Life Wine Club, you are free to enjoy high quality, small batch, hard-to-find wines at an incredible value, with all the work done for you. All that’s left for you to do is pour, sip, and savor!