310 Altitudine Sauvignon Blanc Aligoté 2020

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Valul Lui Traian, Moldova
Sauvignon Blanc 55%, Aligote 45%

A blend of two French varieties. Initially dominated by fine floral aromas, it opens up in perfumes of lemon and pear. The taste reveals sensation of white fruits with perfectly balanced acidity.

Fautor is a family owned and operated winery, producing wines of unique terroir from both international and indigenous grape varieties. The “Fautor” name comes from the latin “author-creator”, emphasizing the family’s personal approach and responsibility for quality. The Tigheci microzone, where the winery and vineyards are located, is absolutely unique, and one of the best areas for producing high quality wines.

Review from Missa Capozzo:

A combination of two French grapes, yet a distinctive Moldovan blend. Medium golden straw in hue, the nose immediately recognizes beautiful floral aromas, then evolves into lively aromatics with notes of pear, lemon and fresh citrus. This wine is refreshing, bright, and nicely balanced with crisp acidity. Offer this alongside lighter weight foods, such as salads, seafood dishes, and goat cheese.